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COVID 19 Updates

For the health and safety of all who stay and work at The Pidge Inn, we are following the State of Michigan and CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Many of these guidelines have been common practice for The Pidge Inn staff prior to the pandemic and will continue to be followed after the pandemic is gone.

  • Because we are a small hotel, contact with employees and other guests can be limited. If you would like nearly no-contact during your stay, call us and we can have this arranged. Rooms 1 through 5 are accessible from the outside therefore if you would like to avoid the lobby altogether, choose one of these rooms.
  • In the lobby and common areas, all door handles and commonly touched surfaces are always sanitized several times per day. The lobby doors will be opened periodically to promote fresh air in the building, weather permitting.
  • Prior to your stay, the following items in the rooms are always cleaned and sanitized: linens, bathrooms, furniture, counters, appliances, dishes, tv remotes, mini-split filters, and other commonly touched surfaces. The mattresses and pillows are covered with protectors that reduce allergens and are antimicrobial. The rooms contain independent HVAC units resulting in no airflow between units. Also, rooms will be aired out prior to your stay.
  • As always, the pool and spa chemicals are checked daily.
  • All employees always practice good hygiene by washing their hands often and coughing/sneezing in a tissue or their elbow area. During this time, CDC guidelines state that all guests follow these practices as well.

Here are the current guidelines that have been established by the State of Michigan and the CDC that must be followed by The Pidge Inn’s guests and employees during this COVID-19 pandemic.  These guidelines will continue to change as updated information is announced.

  • Sanitize hands before entering the lobby.  Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance and at the front desk.  Hand soap is available in the bathrooms.
  • Social distance from other guests and/or employees not in your group.
  • Some sort of face-covering is needed in the public hallways and lobby if others are present at the same time. Masks, bandanas, pulling a cotton shirt or t-shirt over your face and nose are all acceptable face coverings.
  • If you develop a fever, respiratory issues, are exposed to or have COVID-19 please stay home. You must stay in your room and alert us if these symptoms begin while you are staying at the inn.
  • If you experience symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days after your stay at The Pidge Inn, please contact us so we can inform other guests of exposure.